As Orthodox Christians we share in the unbroken and Living Tradition that has been passed down through the centuries and preserved by the Holy Spirit in the Church Christ founded on the day of Pentecost. We count it a privilege and great responsibility to share this precious treasure that has the power to transform lives and bring fullness to those hungering for truth and meaning.

When people in America think of Orthodoxy they may think of something foreign and exotic from our western culture. But the Orthodox Church has always had both a Western and Eastern Liturgical expression. St. Patrick's worships using the ancient liturgies of the Western Rite hoping to make the Orthodox faith more accessible in our western context. The Orthodox Church is not a foreign exotic faith for specialists, it is the Church for every man woman and child, for every culture and every time. Saint Stephen's hopes to be a living and dynamic expression of the unchanging faith for our community here in Springfield and the surrounding area.

Saint Stephen's is a mission of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America . The Orthodox Church is one Church with one faith. It is organized administratively along national lines. While in America there are many different jurisdictions that are in communion with one another and cooperate in various ministries, we look forward the day when there will be one American Orthodox Church. St. Stephen's belongs to the ancient Patriarchal see of Antioch where they were first called Christians. Acts 11;26 Antioch was a very important center of early Christianity. It was the place from which the Apostle Paul went out on many of his missionary journeys. It was also the seat of the Apostle Peter, where he served as bishop before travelling to Rome . The Antiochian Church continues to be devoted to missions and has been diligent and zealous to bring Orthodoxy to America and America to Orthodoxy.

St. Stephen’s story is a community of converts, many who have been on a journey to the Orthodox Faith for years. The stories they have to tell can be uplifting and enlightening, of finding a greater fullness of faith in Christ through His Church.

Saint Stephen Orthodox church seeks to live out the gospel and be the presence of Christ to the world in which we live through Worship, community, and service. We would be honored by your visit and invite you to "come and see"

Your servant in Christ,

Reverend Dn. Michael Heningham